Comprehensive storylines and complete cast photos
from all 52 episodes of the classic television series



Introduction to the Series by John Finch

1.   The Facts of Life
2.   To Die for Spain
3.   Lines of Battle
4.   The Summer Before the War
5.   The Gate of the Year
6.   The Breach in the Dyke
7.   The War Office Regrets
8.   For Strategic Reasons
9.   The Night They Hit No. 8
10.   One of Ours
11.   Brothers in War
12.   If It's Got Your Number on It
13.   The End of the Beginning
14.   The Other Side of the Hill
15.   I Can Be Happy, Can't I?
16.   A Lesson in War
17.   Is Your Journey Really Necessary?
18.   The Forty-Eight Hour Pass
19.   Hope Against Hope
20.   A Time to Be Born
21.   A Hero's Welcome
22.   We Could Be a Lot Worse Off
23.   Lend Your Loving Arms
24.   Hazard
25.   Giving and Taking
26.   Believed Killed
27.   Into the Dark
28.   The Straight and Narrow
29.   Clash by Night
30.   Salute the Happy Morn
31.   I Wanted to Be with You
32.   A Separate Peace
33.   The Lucky Ones
34.   For the Duration
35.   Happy Returns
36.   The Things You Never Told Me
37.   You Can Choose Your Friends
38.   Flesh and Blood
39.   Spread a Little Happiness
40.   Take It on Trust
41.   This Year, Next Year
42.   The Fundamental Things Apply
43.   Thicker Than Water
44.   Breaking Point
45.   The Lost Ones
46.   The Sensible Thing
47.   Under New Management
48.   Coming Home
49.   A Faint Refrain
50.   Two Fathers
51.   The Old Order Changeth…
52.   …Yielding Place to New