A definitive guide to the classic television series "A Family at War,"
with detailed synopses, cast photos, discussion group,
slide show, and links to related sites of interest

"A Family at War" aired weekly on Britain's Granada Television from
1970 to 1972, reaching an estimated audience of 25 million viewers.
This enthralling series was created and edited by John Finch (who also
wrote the majority of the scripts). Producers were Richard Doubleday and
Michael Cox. The 52 one-hour episodes of "A Family at War" centred upon
the lives of the Ashton family of Liverpool from 1938 through the end of
the Second World War. Splendidly written and acted, "A Family at War"
stands today as one of the finest dramatic achievements in the
history of television. The complete set is now available on DVD.


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